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Get The Online Marketing Tools to Target The $130 Billion Direct Selling Industry

.Introducing The Next House Hold Name in the $130 BILLION per year Direct Selling Industry.  Stiforp.There are OVER 200 Million Home Based Business Operators in the world. They are indeed very eager and desperately need to leverage the global reach of the internet to expand their potentially huge markets. They certainly need affordble and integrated suite of online marketing tools. And why currently only a small percentage of them can afford to get into these powerful Online Marketing Tools? There is a huge void to satify…
Costly and No Complete Suite of Integrated Online Marketing Tools
It’s the high cost and they have to get these tools separately, making it very hard to learn and master the usage.
.Huge Market for Online Marketing Tools for the 200 Million Home Based Business Operators
What are the complete suite of online business tools that they need for marketing? They need impressive landing pages that can integrate with flash video presentation and lead capture pages to capture leads and follow up with autoreponders to engage and convert the leads to customers. Basically these are the complete suite of online tools that they will need:

Powerful Suite of Integrated Online Marketing tools

• Lead Capture Pages
• Flash Video Presentation
• Autoresponders
• Contact Manager
• Traffic Rotator
• Banners and Advertising Tools.
The current market is offering the above tools, normally in separate offerings, in exceeding $1500 a month..
.Innovative Stiforp Online Marketing Tools at $9.95/month
Imagine, by using the economic of scale, Stiforp can offer all these tools for only $9.95/month. There is absolutely no competition with this Stiforp model. With this affordable price point, eventually all of them would get Stiforp Home Based Business Tools.
The $130 billion direct selling industry is huge. The 200 million home based operators market is full of opportunities.
Stiforp home based business tools as strategically price at $9.95/month shall definitely going to capture all these huge market.

This is Stiforp ( Profits spells in reverse )

Now Stiforp, who has a good record of operating a succesful MLM company for the past 3 years, has employed the fast growing MLM marketing model to market these products. You can have 2 businesses to work on: Products and the Business Opportunity.

Stiforp’s Fantastic MLM Opprtunity for You if you Act Fast

You are on the first Mover Advantage now as Stiforp is only in Pre-Launch stage, starting July 20th. The public launch is set on September 20th 2011. Since the pre-launch, more than 100,000s pre-enrollees have signed up with Stiforp.
.Are You Getting In Now?
I have signed up and formed Best Stiforp Team with a group of experienced internet marketers on 20 Sept 6th, and as of Oct 20, that’s 30 days lapse, I have 14,970 paid members and 392,576 pre-enrollees placed under my Powerline.
You can take a free tour here of the Stiforp business and join in our Traffic Rotator if you decide to join our team.

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