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In the “Age of the Internet” there are so many scams. There are SO many people that want to trick you into paying them money for something that does’t exist, or have you send them your detailed information so that you can retrieve a $600,000 prize (I received an e-mail like that yesterday), etc.
Among all the scams on the Internet you will find web sites that promise to help you to become a very successful blogger…and you get hooked on the idea and pay the i.e. $45 fee to receive a great document or “tool”. Then, when you have paid, you receive a simple document explaining how to use the search engines to find articles on how to become a successful blogger. Done it – been there.
An incredible way to make money today is through the “power of two” businesses. These are Network Marketing / MLM businesses that encourage their distributors to ALL sign up two people into the business. This is an incredible way to do business, and make mega bucks…but there are a lot of companies out there that are promising people gold, and end up giving them gold painted rocks.
In the Networking Marketing industry you have many companies that use their pre-launch phase to get income enough to pay out their promised commissions when the company is officially launched. Many times these kind of companies will not succeed.
STIFORP is a “power by two” Network Marketing company, but it is NOT an overpromising and scamming company. STIFORP is a debt free company, and during STIFORP pre-launch phase more than $1,000,000 was paid out in commissions.
In this post I am going to prove to you that checks are paid out, answering the question “Is STIFORP a scam?
Many of you have probably tried to introduce the STIFORP business to people that are saying to you: “I think it is a scam”, “It must be a scam when they say you can make that much money without doing anything”, etc.
Just know that you WILL find a lot of negative people out there. But, they actually have their full right to be sceptical to any business that involves money. People are often already hurting financially, and are scared of being more hurt. Many people even have a first hand experiences with scamming Network Marketing Companies.
I am going to give you some poofs that you can share with the “it must be a scam”-people, please note the following: Most Network Marketing companies are “dont show – don’t tell’ companies when it comes to their distributors and their checks. One of the reasons for this is that serious Network Marketing companies do not want prospects to believe, or feel promised, that THEY will make that much money. I am a bit uncertain where STIFORP stands reg. this, but I believe that we should handle it with carefulness.
Ok, enough said. Let’s cut down to the chase. My wife and I have received several checks, and we have scanned and taken pictures of them, but we do not want (out of fear of beeing rebuked from the company) to share it publically. Instead, I am going to show you a couple of videos of someone openly shows off his STIFORP check.

I will let you watch a few videos here on STIFORP member that shows proofs that people are receiving their checks. Since this post is a part of the member part of this site, it is NOT possible to send the link to this post to people…since they will not have access to see it. Instead I encourage you to send out the Youtube links under each video to people.
Have fun!

Here is another video from the same guy, showing his second check:

If you search on Youtube, you will find several other people doing the same with their check.
I hope this helps you a little bit in your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail, or our “contact” page on this site.
Have a wonderful day, and remember that this business is FUN!
Hope this was helpful for you,

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