What Is Stiforp ?

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What Is Stiforp ?
As a Stiforp resp you are obliged to pay a $40 membership fee and a monthly membership fee of $9.95 in order to stay in the compensation program. In return Stiforp offers you a wide range of online marketing tools including landing pages, flash movie presentations, lead capture pages, auto responders, business contacts management, traffic rotators and banner ads. 
Being a veteran in online marketing myself, I won’t argue about the value of these products. For example: I pay $19,95 per month for my AWeber autoresponder account. However, I’m very happy with this service and quality is in some cases just a matter of subjectivity. While doing some research about Stiforp I’ve read on someone’s blog that the value of the Stiforp marketing tools is at least $1,500. Apparently some people don’t really know the price of good and effective marketing tools, but I can assure you that you will never pay that much for these kind of marketing tools.
The other reason I've had success with Stiforp is because of the companies' 2X14 forced matrix pay plan ...
With most MLM compensation plans, people sponsor new members and they are all placed on their first level. This is great for them, and also great for their direct upline sponsors. However, for inexperienced marketers under them who may need some help in building their teams, a traditional pay plan like this may not be the best option.
With the Stiforp forced matrix, you can only have 2 members on your first level. Everyone else you sponsor has to fall under one of the those 2 first level people as 'spillover', and then under the 4 on your 2nd level, etc. This is the power of this type of compensation plan. It has 'teamwork' built right into it by design.
So why would someone want to sponsor more than 2 then?
Stiforp pays out $25 fast start bonuses (weekly) to active recruiters who bring in members, and sell their products and services. They also pay out matching bonuses and even generational bonuses on your members recruiting efforts as well. This is the key to keeping leaders focused on building deep, to hekp everyone on their team. In fact, many Stiforp members earn more in matching bonuses each month than they do from the residual matrix commissions. This in essence makes the potential income virtually unlimited with this business.
Landing Pages In Multiple Languages
One of the great things for people located in different countries (or whose first language isn't english) is that Stiforp offers landing pages in multiple languages. This has helped the company grow dramatically in many countries worldwide.
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Stiforp Compensation Plan
When you join Stiforp, you receive a place in a 2 by 14 forced matrix that also includes fast start and matching bonuses. The Stiforp Compensation plan also offers a guaranteed Powerline Bonus of $4 and a fast start bonus of $25 per sign up of a new Stiforp team member. The problem in this 2 by 14 matrix is that many people who join never even recruit more than 2 new team members. So if you join Stiforp to make some fast profit, I will have to disappoint you. The big money that can be earned based on the Stiforp compensation plan is especially made by the heavy hitters (top recruiters), which is fairy normal in a network marketing company.

Stiforp: Conclusion

If you didn’t manage to recruit people for your network marketing business before Stiforp came along, then you also won’t be after joining Stiforp. You can decide to promote the company and build a downline with it, but the retention rate (the amount of active customers) of this kind of product is extremely low. As soon as people see that they are not making money just by being part of the company, they will leave your team. 95% of the people who are part of a network marketing company doesn’t even make enough money to cover their monthly autoship. Just think about it: why would people keep paying for marketing tools when they don’t even use them?
Online marketing has much more to offer than network marketing companies in the form of tool providers or lead systems. You have to ask yourself a question here: if people are promoting marketing tools, lead systems or lead companies… why don’t they just use those fantastic tools or leads to build their own network marketing business? These people are not network marketing team builders; you are their lead for their lead program. Do you see the irony? They offer people “value” while you pay them money to have access to their marketing tools or strategies. In itself, there’s not wrong with that. If you have a product that people seem to need, then it’s your right to offer it. But after all, you have to see the bigger picture here: once you realize that Stiforp has a very low retention rate, you will come to the conclusion that you will have to recruit a lot of people to make money with it.

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